New Jersey Spine Institute

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New Jersey’s only medical facility specializing in both surgical
and non-surgical diagnosis and treatment of spinal conditions.

About Us

At the New Jersey Spine Institute, P.A., we have our own on-site Surgical Center, MRI, X-ray, and Physical Therapy.

An Operation Isn't The Only Option

Millions of Americans suffer at some time in their lives from back or neck pain. For years, surgery seemed the only recourse for most people. In fact, more than 250,000 spinal surgeries are still performed in the United States every year.

But surgery doesn't have to be the inevitable answer to all back problems. Recent studies have shown that surgery is not called for in the majority of cases. That's why the New Jersey Spine Institute, P.A. specializes in providing successful alternatives to surgical procedures. Surgical intervention for back and neck problems is a last resort option at the NJ Spine Institute, only if additional conservative care is contraindicated.

Accurate Diagnosis Is The First Step

At the New Jersey Spine Institute, P.A., we specialize in solving back problems, from the simplest to the most complex.

Our physicians are experts at performing the medical examinations necessary to pinpoint the cause of the problem. This allows us to separate quickly and efficiently the few who truly need surgery from the vast majority who do not.

If surgery is required, our spine surgeons manage the surgical intervention program from the first visit. However, when non-surgical treatment is recommended, then conservative care and rehabilitation services are provided through New Jersey Spine Institute, P.A.'s non-surgical specialists.

This focus on non-surgical interventions and treatments puts us in the forefront of the spinal health-care field.

Regardless of the type of treatment recommended, patients and referring physicians benefit from the most up-to-date clinical research as well as our combined years of experience in treating spinal problems.

New Jersey Spine Institute, P.A. is affilliated with Somerset Orthopedic Associates.


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